The Valhalla-Class project originally began in January of 2365. The project was handed to the Tau Ceti Secundus Propulsion Research Station and Shipyard for development. 

Shortly following the start of the Dominion War, certain members of Star Fleet Command began looking at the current fleet in light of heavy losses. With the war came a press to create more vessels of a purely tactical nature, and as losses  continued to mount these warships began to be more and more desirable. More and more resources were thrown into the development of tactical ships. With the opening of the Gamma Quadrant, Starfleet also wanted a ship series that could operate more self-sufficiently.

In early 2373 at the outbreak of hostilities between the Federation and the Dominion, the first Valhalla Class ship was launched in secret. The prototype surpassed the expectations of Star Fleet Command, providing a powerful ship capable of adequately carrying out the tactical mission requirements that were what Starfleet needed for the war effort. The production run was given the go-ahead and the Prototype was commissioned in 2374 under the name USS Valhalla, registry NCC-18000. The next three ships in the production line quickly followed and were pressed into service.

Pursuant to Starfleet Exploration Directives 1016.8 & 901.12, Federation Diplomatic Corps Mandate 66.105.b, 66.105.c & 200.2.2, and Federation Security Council General Policy, the following objectives have been established for the Valhalla Class Starship.

The Valhalla Class is designed primarily to provide a platform as a tactical space superiority  or 'Sector Control' ship also capable of covert missions. They are also able to fulfill most of the more traditional Starfleet missions assigned to other ships within the fleet. These included:    • Deep Space Exploration    • First Contact    • Flag/Command Vessel    • Diplomatic Escort/Conduct    • Humanitarian Missions

Ships in Production Series – 

  • NCC 18000 U.S.S. Valhalla - Prototype and first ship in production series
  • NCC 18001 U.S.S. Nirvana
  • NCC 18002 U.S.S. Elyssian Fields - Destroyed at First Battle of Vulcanis
  • NCC 18003 U.S.S. Aaru
  • NCC 18004 U.S.S. Elysium
  • NCC 18005 U.S.S. Asphodel Fields
  • NCC 18006 U.S.S. Gilgul - Under Construction

Commendations –

  •       Star Fleet Unit Citation – Battle of Tyra
  •       Tyra System Battle Ribbon
  •       Tibur Nebula Battle Ribbon
  •       Invasion of Cardassia Prime Campaign Ribbon
  •       Kalandra Sector Counter Offensive Theater Ribbon

Ship Specifications: Edit

General Edit

  • Class: Valhalla Class
  • Role:  Attack Cruiser
  • Duration: 80 years
  • Time Between Refits: 4 Years
  • Time Between Resupply: 1 Year

Dimensions Edit

  • Length    430.5 meters
  • Width     183.6 meters
  • Height    80 meters
  • Decks     15

Personnel Edit

  • Officers                     40
  • Enlisted Crew            150
  • Marines                    125
  • Civilians                    10
  • Emergency Capacity   200

Speed Edit

  • Cruise Speed          Warp 8
  • Maximum Speed     Warp 9.4
  • Emergency Speed   Warp 9.7 for 12 hours

Weapons & Defensive Systems Edit

Defensive Systems:


Other systems:    

  • 3D Imaging and Communications System
  • Integrated Ship Wide Holographic System for use with EMH program

Weapon Systems:    

  • 2 forward


  • 230 Photon Torpedoes
  • 90 Quantum Torpedoes
  • 6 Tricobalt Devices

Auxiliary Craft Edit

Shuttlebays: 2

Shuttles: 6 Total Capacity

  • 2 - Type 11 Shuttle Craft
  • 4 - Type 9 Shuttle Craft
  • 2 - Type 31 Shuttle Craft

Runabouts: 1 Total Capacity

  • 1 - Volga Class Runabout

Captain's Yacht: 1 Total Capacity

  • 1 - Aerowing Shuttle

Deck Listings Edit

Deck 1

Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Briefing Room / Lounge, Marine Operations Center, Small Armory, Escape Pod Access, Upper Sensor Platform

Deck 2

Captains Quarters, Executive Officers Quarters, XO's Office, Marine CO's Quarters, Intelligence Office, Holosuite, Upper Sensor Platform Subsystems, Escape Pod Access

Deck 3

Senior Officers / Department Head / VIP Quarters, Communications Array and Communications Subsystems.

Deck 4

Senior Officers / Junior Officers Quarters, Ships Lounge (Elysian Field)(Upper Level), Transporter Rooms 3(P/S/A), Phaser Maintenance, Forward Sensor Pallet Subsystems, Holosuite (P/S) and Escape Pod Access

Deck 5

Saucer Section: Medical Complex, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Astrometrics Lab, Stellar Cartography, Chief Science Officer's Office, Science Labs (4 - 2P/2S), Ships Lounge (Elysian Field)(Main Level), Arboretum, Library, Junior Officers Quarters, Transporter Pattern Buffers (3 - P/S/A), Sensor Gear.

Engineering Section: Cargo Bays 1 & 2, Cargo Transporter 1, Holodecks (4 - 2P/2S), Escape Pod Access.

Deck 6

Saucer Section: Marine Deck, Mass Transporter 1, Escape Pod Access.

Engineering Section: Cargo Bays 3, 4 and 5, Cargo Transporter 2, Main Shuttle bay, Marine Shuttle bay, Flight Control Center, Aft EV Access Airlock, Consumables Resupply Connectors, ODN/EPS Main Trunks.

Deck 7

Saucer Section: Crew / Civilian Quarters, Shuttle Storage/Maintenance/Lift to Main Shuttle Bay and Marine Bay, Ships Mess, Main Computer Core (Upper Level), Operations Center, Port/Starboard Docking Ports, Turbolift Maintenance.   Engineering Section: Main Engineering Level 2, Warp Engine Core, Secondary ODN/EPS Trunks, Antimatter Processing, Escape Pod Access, Antimatter Loading Port, Plasma Relay Control Rooms, RCS Thruster Access, Deuterium Tankage, Warp Engine Core Injector Access, Reserve Warp Engine Core.

Deck 8

Saucer Section: Security Section, Secondary Bridge, Main Computer Core (Lower Level), Crew Quarters, Fore & Aft Photon Torpedo Launchers, Torpedo Loading and Maintenance (Fwd/Aft), Escape Pod Access.

Engineering Section: Main Engineering Level 1, Engineer's Office, Warp Core, Auxiliary Warp Engine, Main Navigational Deflector, Environmental Control, Antimatter Tankage, Aux. Computer Core, Main Deflector Control Systems, Upper Premix Chamber.

Deck 9

Saucer Section: Crew Quarters, Escape Pod Access, Mass Transporter 2.

Deck 10

Saucer Section: Holodecks (Port/Starboard/Aft/Fore), Recreational Facilities.

Deck 11

Saucer Section: Forward Photon Torpedo Launchers, Main Navigational Deflector, Aft Tractor Beam Emitter, Tractor Beam Subsystems

Deck 12

Saucer Section: Equipment Storage, Cargo Bays 6-9, Cargo Transporter 3.

Deck 13

Saucer Section: Industrial Replicators, Forward Tractor Beam Emitter, Tractor Beam Subsystems.

Deck 14

Aft Tractor Beam Emitter, Tractor Beam Subsystems, Escape Pod Access.

Deck 15

Captain's Yacht