The Type-9 was a class of light Federation shuttlecraft in operation during the latter 24th and early 25th centuries.
Type-9 Interior

History Edit

The Type-9 was deployed throughout Federation space shortly after its launch and proved especially useful in assisting deep-space exploratory ships.

Technical information Edit

The Type-9 shuttle was a long-range craft capable of traveling at warp for extended periods of time due to new advances in variable geometry warp physics. Making its debut just before the launch of the Intrepid Class starships, this shuttle type was ideal for scouting and recon missions, but was well suited to perform many multi-mission tasks. 

Equipped with powerful Type-VI phaser emitters, the shuttle was designed to hold its own ground. Comfortable seating for four and moderate cargo space was achieved without sacrificing speed and maneuverability. The shuttle is equipped with a medium-range transporter and was capable of traveling through a planet’s atmosphere. With its ability to travel at warp speeds, the Type-9 was equipped with a more pronounced deflector dish which housed a compact long-range sensor that aided in its role as a scouting vessel. 

The Type-9 was equipped with a single 400 Cochrane warp engine, two 800 millicochrane impulse engines, and four RCS thrusters.


  • United Federation of Planets - Starfleet


Light long-range shuttlecraft

Service PeriodEdit

2360's to 2400s==Dimensions==


8.5 meters


4.61 meters


2.67 meters


2.61 metric tons


Crew ComplementEdit

2 crew, 4 passengers


Warp 4


2 Type-VI phaser emitters


Tritanium alloy hull; deflector shield