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The most commonly used type of transporter was the personnel transporter, designed primarily for personnel.

Personnel transporter rooms usually consisted of a transporter console, a transporter platform with an overhead molecular imaging scanner, primary energizing coils, and phase transition coils.

A pattern buffer with a bio-filter was typically located on the deck below the transporter room. The outer hull of a starship incorporated a number of emitter pads for the transporter beam.

Personnel transporters worked on the quantum level to enable secure transport of lifeforms. Bio-filters built into the transporter systems prevented dangerous microorganisms from boarding the ship.

Transporter platforms had a variable number of pads, arranged in various layouts (by model and by manufacturing race):

The six transporters used aboard the Valhalla has the familiar six individual pads, with an over-sized pad (in the center of the platform) that can handle small cargo / equipment.

Two mass/emergency transporters, each capable of transporting twenty individuals while operating at reduced power levels are located on Deck 6 and Deck 8.