Description of the U.S.S. Valhalla's security facilities.

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Location: Deck 8 - Saucer Section Description:

The security section of the Valhalla is a secured section of Deck 8 which holds the ships security facilities as well as the Secondary Bridge. Entry to this area of the ship is controlled through coded access and is restricted to security and command level personnel.

Hawk Operations Center
Security Office

Access to the rest of the Security Section is made through doors at the back of the Security Office. A secured and reinforced door leads into the security office and is located opposite the security control station which is always occupied by the Security Duty Officer.

The Security Office is the command center for security operations aboard ship. Security Officers man the stations here at all times and are able to monitor the ships most sensitive areas (Bridge, Engineering, Computer Core, etc) as well as all other areas of the ship through recording devices and sensors of various types. From here, security teams can be directed to any part of the ship as needed and all data coming into the Security Office is also routed to the Tactical Station on the Bridge so that the Chief Tactical Officer can direct security operations from the Bridge in crisis situations. The Chief Tactical/Security Officer and Strategic Operations Officer both have their personal offices located at the back of the Security Office.

Ships BrigEdit

The brig is a restricted access area within the Security section. The U.S.S. Valhalla is equipped with three cell blocks each of which is comprised of 10 single occupancy cells, each of which contains a bed, retractable table and chair, a water dispenser, and a toilet. Each cell is secured with a level 10 force field emitter built into each doorway. There is a security officer on duty in this area at all times when prisoners are present.

Isolation CellsEdit

Isolation Cells
In addition to the standard brig area the Valhalla is also equipped with two isolation cells, each in a separate room, used to hold high-risk subjects. Each cell is secured with a level 10 force field emitter and the room itself is also secured using a level 10 force field. Each cell contains a single bed, retractable chair and table, a water dispenser, and a toilet. There is enough space to allow for bringing in another table and chair for use in interrogations should the subject be deemed too dangerous to move out of the cell. At least one security officer is on duty here at all times when the cells are occupied.

Ships Primary ArmoryEdit

This room is under constant guard. The room is sealed with a level 10 force field and can only be accessed by personnel with Alpha 3 security clearance. Inside the armory is a workspace for maintenance and repair of phasers as well as multiple sealed weapons lockers. The Valhalla carries enough type-I and type-II phasers to arm the entire crew. Type-III phaser rifles and the new compression phaser rifles are available as well, but only in enough numbers to arm approximately 1/3 of the crew. Heavy ordnance is available but very limited.

Secondary BridgeEdit

Secondary Bridge
The Secondary Bridge or Emergency Bridge is used when the Main Bridge has been destroyed or is otherwise not accessible by the crew.

All functions that can be performed on the Main Bridge can be performed from the Secondary Bridge, as a result, the secondary bridge can only be accessed through the security section and is always guarded by security personnel and its systems can only be unlocked with the appropriate command code. These codes are generally held by the Captain, Executive Officer, 2nd Officer, Chief Engineer, Operations Department Head, Chief Strategic Operations Officer, Chief Tactical/Security Officer, Marine Commanding Officer, and Marine XO.

During a crisis situation (Red Alert status) a backup Bridge crew will be on duty here under command of the ship's second officer or other designated officer so that, in the event that the main bridge is destroyed or captured, ships operations can continue without confusion.