The Ready Room is where the captain can perform administrative work duties when not on the bridge. 

Additional Information

Location: Deck 1 - Adjacent to Bridge


Spacious, yet efficient; the Captains Ready Room offers all the amenities of the captain's living quarters and serves as the preferred place to hold private discussions, receive classified communications, and simply take a break. 

The office portion of the room features a large desk with an integrated computer terminal, work area, and three chairs. Behind the desk are a half-height bookshelf and two wall mounted shelves. 

The lounge area consists of a large couch, a large table, a pair of bookcases and several shelves as well as a food replicator. This area is where the captain usually prefers to meet with crew members informally, while more formal encounters are reserved for the desk area.

Often various items of a personal nature will be located around the room as well, especially items that were presented to the Captain by visiting VIPs, etc.