The 'Marine Deck' as it is commonly referred to, takes up a majority of the Deck 6 saucer section and is made up of the various offices, living spaces and support facilities used by the Marine company assigned to the U.S.S. Valhalla.

Additional Information

Location: Deck 6 - Saucer Section


Twelve Squad Bays (three each in the Starboard, Port, Aft and Fore sections) house the four platoons and ring the other marine facilities.

Squad Bay

Each Squad Bay consists of a common living area with some seating (tables, chairs, and couches), a baisc food replicator and a shared latrine with sonic showers. 

In total each Squad Bay would normally house 10 marines, however, aboard the Valhalla, there are only 8 enlisted marines in each of the company's 12 squads.

Enlisted Bunks

Each Squad Barracks is made up of five Enlisted Bunks. These are provided for Marine enlisted personnel (individuals below the rank of Marine Sergeant. Each sleeping compartment has a basic computer for education and entertainment as well as storage bins under the bottom bunk and above the top bunk.There are also two small footlockers and a shared closet between the bunk and the bulkhead. The door opens out onto the common living area.

NCO Quarters

These small single person quarters are provided for Marine NCO's (individuals below the rank of Chief Petty Officer or Master Gunnery Sergeant) and are located near the squad barracks.

Accommodations include a single bed, a table which can seat two, a desk area with a computer terminal, a food replicator, small couch, small closet and a small lavatory with sonic shower. Pets are not allowed.

Marine Officer and Senior NCO Quarters

hese quarters are provided for Marine Officers, Warrant Officers, Master Gunnery Sergeants and Sergeant Majors and are located in the central area of the deck near the parade ground and Headquarters facility. The accommodations include a single bed, small couch, desk/table with a computer terminal, a food replicator, and a bathroom with mirror, sink, sonic shower. Small pets are allowed.

Marine Parade Ground

All Marine detachments need a place to form up for inspections, instruction, to drill and for disciplinary matters. These are typically referred to as 'Parade Grounds'. On the USS Valhalla a dedicated holodeck stands in for the traditional parade ground and is located in the center of the Marine Deck. 

This Holodeck is capable of forming weights and other simple exercise equipment and sparring partners for physical training. In addition, the area can be converted for use as a lecture room (by forming chairs and presentation boards), for a variety of utilitarian and recreational purposes as well as weapons and tactical training and mission rehearsal.

Headquarters Area

The Headquarters Area is comprised of two offices. One for the Marine Commanding Officer similar to the Captains Ready Room, where work can be carried out in privacy.

The other office serves as the Watch Office which is used by the Officer/NCO of the Day.

A larger office area is used by headquarters staff for the administration of the Company.


Marine Commanders Office


Marine Watch Office

Marine GQ

Headquarter Facility

Marine Armory


Just like the Ships Armory this room (actually it's a pair of rooms) is under constant guard. It is sealed with a level 10 force field and can only be accessed by personnel with Alpha 3 security clearance. The Marine armory is actually two armories, one housing the companies standard issue equipment and weapons while the other houses the companies more specialized equipment and heavy ordnance. Inside the armory is a workspace for maintenance and repair of weapons as well as multiple sealed weapons lockers. The Company is equipped with enough type-I and type-II phasers to arm the entire company. There also enough Type-IVb Pulse Phaser Rifles (which is the standard issue weapon) to equip the entire company. There are 16 Squad Support Phaser Weapons (4 for each platoon), 4 Type IV Phaser Sniper Rifles and 4 Auto Grenade Launchers. The companies Heavy ordnance is comprised of mines, explosive charges, light mortars and a range of other weapons.

Company Ready Area

Adjacent to the armory is the Company Ready Area (a converted cargo bay), where Marines can gear up and await their mission or use as a rallying point should the ship be boarded.

Marine Tactical Deployment Transporter Room

The Marine Deployment Transporter Rooms are used by the Marines when they are needed to quickly get from one area of the ship to another, to board docked or nearby vessels, in case of an emergency, or beaming strike teams down to a planet surface if needed. 

There are ten pads for Marine personnel and a large center pad for equipment. The Marine Deck has two of these transporter rooms located just off of the Company Ready Area.

Recreational Facilities

Aboard the Hawk, Marine personnel do not have their own separate mess hall, lounge or recreational facilities and use the same facilities as the other Starfleet personnel. Marines, however, tend to be more traditional in regards to fraternization between enlisted personnel and officers and will, in common areas, tend to unconsciously divide the room into ‘enlisted’ and ‘officer’ areas.