Hawk Engineering New
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Just inside of the doors on Deck 8 is an observation area where technicians monitor various systems of the ship. Centered in this area, is a floor-mounted situational display similar to the Master Systems Display found on the Bridge. Affectionately referred to as the ‘pool table’, the Chief Engineer can use the display to more easily get an overall view of the condition of the ships engines and other systems with a glance.

Directly behind the 'pool table' is the warp core and its main control systems. Circular in shape, the room is an outgrowth of the Galaxy class design and is exceedingly functional in order to save space . Consoles are mounted on every piece of ‘real estate’ around the circumference of the room and provide primary control access for the engineers and technicians. Also located in this area is the Matter/Anti-Matter Assembly (M/ARA) and the Matter/Anti-Matter Reaction Chamber (M/ARC). This system is checked on a regular basis. Access to the warp core is restricted and is accessed via a front port for the Dilithium matrix as well as an overhead port for access to the warp plasma conduits. 

To the port side of Main Engineering, there is a work area and further control panels. The Chief Engineer’s Office is located just off of this area. The Impulse Engine and all of its control systems are also located in this section of Main Engineering.

The second tier of catwalks which ring the second level of Main Engineering on deck 7 is accessed by a pair of ladders located on the opposite ends of the catwalk. Backup controls are located and monitored from these catwalks. 

Access panels leading to Jefferies Tubes which wind throughout the ship are located at various points on both the first and second tier Engineering spaces.

The typical crew complement in Main Engineering consists of three engineers and seven technicians of various grades. During Red or Yellow Alert, that number is increased and is supplemented by a security team. It is also protected at three points with blast doors for internal and external security threats, which can be supplemented with up to level ten force fields for additional protection.