A warning, which will be on your record for 1 whole evaluation period then it will be erased.


This is for major disciplinary action. This will remain in your record and evals for your whole career as a reprimand.

Extended Military Instruction (EMI):

Extended working hours and duties. Normally consists of cleaning the ship and other minor, less desirable services.

Disciplinary Reprimand Board (DRB):

A Board at the discretion of the Department Head with the Chief Security Officer. The Department Head must be present with the accused and the case will be evaluated and gone over thoroughly. If the offense is serious enough the accused will move up to XOI.

Executive Officer Inquiry (XOI):

An inquiry with the XO. Again the case will be evaluated and the accused's record and past evaluations will be put forth to decide proper punishment. If again the case is something the XO feels needs to be brought up to the CO then the accused will go to Captain's mast.

Captains Mast:

This is a disciplinary hearing which is held by the CO, with the addition to being put on report, you will also have extended duty and/or demotion in rank and position or forceful separation from Starfleet.


Member is placed on a program where they are restricted to quarters during non-working hours and are not allowed to leave the ship during a given amount of time.

The Brig:

A detention holding unit outfitted on all Starfleet duty stations where the accused will be held in isolation for a given amount of days, fed minimal rations and no access to outside pleasures.


When a member is demoted in rank down from their current rank. Although the CO can demote a member down as far as he/she sees fit, they are also authorized to take a commission away completely. If a crime does not fit the punishment, the accused and request a court hearing with the JAG officer.


A hearing which is used for serious crimes or reoccurring crimes. All COs have the authority to hold a Courts-Martial which can result in the accused attending a rehabilitation facility and/or separation from Starfleet. 

If the offenses are severe enough, the accused will be forced to appear front of a board of Captains and Admirals of Starfleet Command and the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Officer.