MissionheaderM1 C2
Start: 1100, Mission Day One

End: 13:00, Mission Day One

Upon leaving Starbase Unity the U.S.S. Valhalla sets course to rendezvous with the S.S. Timbuktu whose Captain has agreed to carry Roxanne Dane to Deep Space 9 for further debriefings.

Upon arrival Roxy Dane along with the MarDet (Marine Detachment) Executive Officer, two other Marines, and two security personnel transport aboard the freighter to turn Roxy over and ensure that she is confined properly. It is intended that the two security personnel will then escort her on her journey and will report to Starfleet Command the situation in the Gamma Quadrant.

Upon arrival on the freighter, however, things go wrong quickly. The Security detachment turns on the rest of the away team and the Marine Executive officer is killed outright while another Marine is wounded. It is at this point that Kh'eldor, a Klingon officer who had been posing as a member of the crew, along with Jackson Weaver, a civilian passanger intervene. The pair assists the away team members, including Roxy Dane who had taken charge of the situation and had demonstrated impressive combat skills. A short firefight ensues where the traitorous security personnel were killed. Without hesitation, the away team entered the freighters crawl spaces as a way of evading the freighters crew, who were now looking for them. With the plan being to reach the freighters bridge and seize control of the ship, Roxanne and the rest of the away team ambush several of the freighters crew. However, after dealing with them,  the freighter is rocked by several explosions, one after another.

Almost simultaneous with the ambush of the away team, a mutiny erupts aboard the Valhalla, led by Consortium operatives. In the initial minutes the Marine Commanding Officer is assasinated and the ships internal and external communications are sabotaged.  Attempts are made to seize the security section, engineering section, operations control room, life support and other key areas of the ship. In conjunction with the attempted mutiny, a Consortium controlled starship ambushed the Vallhalla, causing serious damage in the opening attacks. Eventually, due to the quick thinking of the remaining Marine junior officers, as well as the Strategic Operations Officer, marine units and loyal security teams begin to clear the ship of mutineers, deck by deck. With the attacks beginning to turn against them, some of the mutineers surrender, however most choose to fight, eventually being killed or eliminating themselves.  The Consortium starship, eventually turned it's weapons on the freighter, causing catastrophic damage before withdrawing. With the level of damage caused by the ship to ship battle, and with the chaos of the mutiny, the Valhalla was not in the position to give pursuit.   After coming under attack by the Consortium ship, the freighter had suffered massive damage and was quickly breaking apart. At this point Kh'eldor led the rest of the away team to the freighters escape pods. As chance would have it they came across the injured freighter Captain and his First Officer, a traitorous Klingon whom Kh'eldor had been tracking. After moving the two Consortium agents to the escape pod, the group escaped moments before the freighter exploded. A few other escape pods had managed to escape,  some with passangers but most with Consortium crew trying to escape. Survivors were transported to the Valhalla, with each being interviewed and then either given guest accomodations with limited access to the ship, or being held in the high threat detention portion of the brig.

Casualties were somewhat significant, but luckily not nearly as bad as it could have been. With the deaths of the Marine Commander and his Executive Officer, Captain Harvath decided to give Roxanne Dane the provisional rank of Major and command of the Marine detachment, due in large part to her superior combat experience. The Marine Armory officer was promoted to her Executive Officer.

With repairs underway, and security sweeps being completed, the officers and crew of the Valhalla regrouped and began to make preparations for coninuing their mission. Captain Harvath held a briefing in order to gain the input of his senior staff, as well as the Klingon Kh'eldor and Jackson Weaver. After concluding this meeting, Scot retired to his Ready Room in order to meet with the Klingon officer, and to decide on the best options for securing the ship against future mutiny and how best to move forward with their mission.</span>

Locations: USS Valhalla (various locations), SS Timbuktu

Beginning Alert Status: Green Beginning Ship Damage / Issues: Sensor Masking System interfering with ship's sensors. Beginning Crew Injuries: None

Ships Assisting: None

Possible Obstacles: Sensor Masking System, members of crew ambushed on freighter, sabotage and mutiny, combat, possible injuries to crew members, ship ambushed by a consortium vessel.

Possible Antagonists: Consortium agents, Consortium vessel