Mission1 Chapter3
Start: November 4th, 2388, Mission Day 3 

 With the Valhalla once again in route to the Sigma Epsilon system the crew receives a faint distress signal originating from a Dominion listening post just over the border. Upon arrival, the crew finds the station heavily damaged and operating on backup power and with minimal life support. 

Locations: USS Valhalla (various locations), Dominion Listening Post

Beginning Alert Status: Yellow

Beginning Ship Damage: Some damage. Most major systems are operational.

Beginning Crew Injuries: Several injured crew members.

Ships Assisting: None

Possible Obstacles: Damaged and encrypted computer systems, injuries, tension due to mistrust among the crew, possible conflict between the outpost survivors and the ship's crew.

Possible Antagonists: The Consortium 

Events: (Bold = Event critical to chapter / story)

Scans of the station reveal three weakened life signs, a single Vorta and two Jem'Hedar soldiers. Power levels are low and defenses are all offline. 

 Sickbay has several wounded of varying degrees. Three survivors are found aboard the Dominion Outpost and beamed aboard, one of whom eventually dies from wounds shortly after the ship arrives.

 An away team searches the station and its various logs giving clues as to the Consortium vessel and some of its specifications / abilities. Other intelligence can also be found.

 The surviving Vorta and Jem'Hedar are skeptical of the claims that the Federation did not attack the outpost and blame the Federation for the attack as well as accuses it of developing a new ship with which to attack the Dominion.