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After an aborted attempt to destroy the Omega Particle and the Consortium research station the U.S.S. Valhalla and her crew returned to Starbase Unity after a detour to answer an ancient distress signal from an unexplored system. The distress signal turned out to be an automated signal emanating from an earth ship which had disappeared nearly two hundred years previously. A lone human woman was the only survivor found. It soon became obvious that the woman was human, however her people had been given augmented abilities at some point in the past.

With the Valhalla undergoing lengthy repairs, the ships executive officer,  Scot Harvath, now promoted to the rank of Captain, is given command of the U.S.S. Valhalla. He is debriefed by Task Force command and then given a new mission. To take the Valhalla, which was undergoing an upgrade of several of its systems and whose crew was being augmented by a company of Starfleet Marines, back to Sigma Epsilon and destroy the Omega Particle as well as any research. He was also to gather whatever information he could as to the origin of a strange stealth ship which had attacked the Valhalla during it's first attempt to destroy the Omega weapon.

After the briefing with the command staff, Scot met with Roxanne, the woman who had been rescued from the alien world. After a brief interview, Scot revealed that it had been decided that she would be delivered to a Federation freighter which would deliver her, along with reports detailing the situation in the Gamma Quadrant, to Deeps Space Nine.

With the crew of the ship having reported aboard, the Valhalla left on it's mission.

Jackson Weaver starts the mission aboard a freighter named the Timbuktu, which was the freighter which would ultimately transport Roxanne through the wormhole to Deep Space Nine. 

Locations: Starbase Unity (various locations), USS Valhalla (various locations), S.S. Timbuktu

Beginning Alert Status: Green

Beginning Ship Damage: None

Beginning Crew Injuries: None

Ships Assisting: None

Possible Obstacles: None

Possible Antagonists: None

Events: (Bold = Event critical to chapter / story)

Events initially revolve around the new crew of the Valhalla arriving and settling in aboard the Valhalla. 

Captain Harvath is debriefed about the Hawks last mission and receives his new orders, to return to the Consortium research station, destroy the Omega Particle and gather any intelligence concerning the Consortium and it's new stealth vessel that he can.

Captain Harvath briefs the crew. At the end of the chapter, the Valhalla gets underway.

Roxy Dane is observed and questioned aboard Starbase Unity in a minimum security cell.